Mentorship Program

The Need

Students who are from 'security studies' programs (i.e. Protection, Security and Investigations, Police Foundations, Emergency Management) approaching their final year of study may be uncertain about academic and/or career plans and want someone to talk to. Students may also be seeking help with assessing career or graduate studies options, resume writing and interview preparation. They may require guidance balancing school, life and work expectations or establishing professional networks in their field of endeavor. Mentors can provide personal insight, knowledge and life experiences surrounding both academic, personal, and professional successes and challenges. We are inviting professionals who are willing to commit their time to help these soon-to-be-graduates prepare for this important next step in life's journey.

Your Involvement

The Mentorship program is a great way for security professionals and graduates of security studies programs to share their knowledge and expertise with a student. As a career mentor, established in your field and with networks and affiliations within your community, you will be paired with a senior student in their final year of study to develop and execute a plan for your one-on-one mentorship experience. Students will find the program to be a rewarding and educational experience. You will have the opportunity to provide direct personal learning and growth by being able to share your experiences and connections. You may also be able to offer exposure to their expanded personal networks and other program participants and professionals. The Mentorship program is a great way to provide students with guidance and feedback that will assist in the transition from post secondary education to the work environment and/or advanced academics.

The Commitment

This year, we will be selecting 6 ASIS Toronto Chapter Certified members to serve as mentors in the program. If you can devote 2 to 4 hours a month to meet with your mentee we would welcome your application to participate. Meetings can be face to face, through Skype, over the telephone - whatever is mutually convenient. For mentors at a distance e-mentoring (electronic communication through email, forums, etc.) is a very successful way to connect with your mentee. You don't need to live in the Chapter's geographical Region to be a mentor. Through the use of technology (e-mail, SKYPE, telephone etc) you can share your experiences with your mentee, set goals and answer questions they may have. All our mentors will be invited to attend our mentor orientation sessions, and will be provided with resource manual and staff support. In September/October the Education Committee will be facilitating mentor orientation sessions at a location to be determined in the GTA to equip participants with the tools to be an effective mentor.

The Process

Once selected, your mentor profile will be available to students for review and selection. The student can request you to be their mentor. You can then accept or refuse the request. The Mentorship Program Administrator will make the final authorization of the match to confirm it is the best fit for all participants.

The Reward

Students gain valuable insight to real industry challenges and experiences and the gain an ally in the career journey and a lasting professional relationship with a colleague, or even a future employer.

The member gets to exercise the skills they've honed over there career in parting their knowledge and experience in potentially a new industry colleague. For that they will be further able to apply 9 CPE credits to their recertification requirements. [9 CPE credits are awarded for 1 completed school calendar year, credits are pro-rated based on time committed/completed]


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