Approaches to Risk Assessment Tools & Processes – Workshop – May 14, 2019

March 12, 2019

On May 14th, J. Kelly Stewart will teach “Approaches to Risk Assessment Tools & Processes,” an 8-hour workshop for security professionals, at Humber College in Toronto, ON.

Kelly draws upon more than 25 years of public and private sector experience as a Chief Security Officer; an international, physical security operations practitioner; and a security risk management adviser.

In these capacities, he has led multi-national security risk management operations and complex physical security programs that have enabled executives to focus their organizations on core competencies where they can achieve definable advantages and add value to their client base thus facilitating and protecting strategic advantages they have in the marketplace.

Kelly’s belief is that proactive, predictive, and responsive advice and access to information critical in building a companies’ resilience to operational risk creates an atmosphere for protecting people and assets properly. Kelly is a key leadership adviser and business partner in developing and executing security strategies in support of overall organizational resiliency.

In this workshop, Kelly will teach risk assessment theory, processes, practical applications, new technology and tools while relating to real world experience. By following these methods, facility managers, first responders, and security professionals can expect to lower project management and capital costs while approaching security comprehensively.

If you are interested in this workshop and would like to register, please visit for more information.

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