ASIS Toronto – Student Appreciation Event – The Evolution of Security and Its Future

February 11, 2019

Toronto Chapter 193 will be hosting James A. Acevedo, CPP, CPS, a multi-Disciplined Professional with 20 years of experience in numerous security sectors. He has successfully managed various types of security related issues, consulting projects, training and investigations. He has worked in over 40 countries and is a specialist in Mexico/Central/South America. His unorthodox understanding of Risk, Security, Technology & Unmanned System often makes him the scariest guy in the room. He has been designated a Certified Protection Professional (CPP) by ASIS. Mr. Acevedo is also a Certified Protection Specialist (CPS), having graduated from Executive Security International, as a level-one agent. Finally, combining his passion for Aviation engineering and Security, Mr. Acevedo for the last six years has been endeavoring to understand and evaluate how unmanned systems (land, sea and air) will impact security. Mr. Acevedo is considered a subject matter expert with regards to Unmanned Systems both as a potential solution and as a threat.


The evolution of Security and its Future

The evolution of technology in the last decade went from crawling to going Mach Two with its hair on fire! Matter of fact if you look at the creation of the calculating machine in 1822 by English mathematician Charles Babbage as the Neolithic era. Then the Jack Kilby and Robert Noyce unveiling of the integrated circuit, known as the computer chip in 1958 as the Iron age… to present day we just blew past 2000 years of history in the blink of an eye!

As each day that passes, we find technology getting cheaper and easier to use. Thereby making it easier and cost effective to utilize Drones, Unmanned Systems and Robotics in Security. However, understanding Security and how critical it can be to the future is necessary. Security is no longer about just guards, Security is a synergistic relationship between humans and technology.

Attendees will have an opportunity understand Security technology and how limitless the future can be.

ASIS Toronto Chapter 193 would like to thank Condor Security for sponsoring and Seneca for hosting this wonderful event.

To register, please click on the following link:

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