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The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International Toronto Chapter 193 is an organization dedicated to promoting best practices within the security industry. Security education has been identified as an integral part in achieving best practices within the security industry as security practitioners are required to perform to the high standards of today's security environment. To promote security education, ASIS International Toronto Chapter developed the Education Committee. The Education Committee works with post-secondary accredited institutions to ensure students in a Security Studies program get the appropriate exposure and awareness they need to succeed in the security industry.

Student Studies Scholarship Program

Part of the Education Committee's mandate is to provide financial assistance to students in a Security Studies program by administering a Student Scholarship Program. A key requirement of the Student Scholarship Program is that it is open to Security Studies students only. A Security Studies program is a program that accounts for the security, health and safety of persons, protection of property and the protection of the environment. Such programs include, but are not limited to, Law and Security Administration, Police Foundations, Customs, Immigration, Corrections, Security Management, Emergency Management, Security Threat and Risk Assessment, Criminal Justice, Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Law, National Security, International Security, Security Intelligence, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Military studies.

Friends & Family Scholarship Program

This year for the first time we are excited to introduce the Friends & Family Scholarship, open to any student who is a friend or family member of an ASIS Toronto Chapter member. The student must be enrolled in full time, part time or continuing education pursuing a diploma, bachelor or master’s degree at an accredited institution and during the academic year in which they graduate.

The Education Committee realizes the financial burden Security Studies can be to students which is why our scholarship program has scholarships available to certificates, diplomas, degrees and masters designations. With our Scholarship Programs, we offer substantial financial assistance regardless of the students' academic life cycle. If you are enrolled in a Security Studies program and or a Friend or Family of an ASIS Toronto Chapter member, the Education Committee encourages you to review this package and apply. We wish you the best of luck in your security studies and future endeavours.

Please click this link for Scholarship Program Application and apply.

Awards Presentation

The ASIS Toronto Education Committee is proud to recognize to Scholarship and Award program recipients at the Annual Law Enforcement and Security Practitioner Awards luncheon every fall at the annual CANASA Security Canada Central Conference. Recipients will be contacted via invitation and provided details of the event as well as to confirm attendance.

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