Toronto Van Attack : 04.23.2018

April 27, 2018

The tragic events of this past Monday shook our city to its core.  However, in true fashion, the witnesses at the horrific scene, the first responders, and the citizens of Toronto rose to the occasion.  We saw law enforcement at its best, exemplifying tactical training that has been revered around the world.  We saw the incredible efforts of our city’s first responders who work diligently at keeping us all safe.  We saw the absolute finest in people come out as they rushed to the aid of those injured and who stood together in the aftermath.  We saw a strong city become vulnerable.  And in that vulnerability, we saw an entire nation unite proudly together.

To those that were directly affected by this horrible tragedy:  may you find strength and courage through the prayers and support of your community and through your loved ones.

To our security community, to ASIS International, and to our fellow ASIS Chapters, we thank you for standing with us.  The compassion and the support you have given our members during this difficult time has been inspiring and comforting.  We all stand united against these senseless acts of violence.

ASIS Toronto Chapter 193 Executive Committee


Toronto Chapter Letter of Support

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